The Ultimate Measure of Economy is the Number of Miles
That Can Be Squeezed From A Gallon Of Gasoline Or Diesel Fuel!

Gas Saver or Diesel Saver Can Increase Mileage 10% or More Guaranteed!

The Ultimate Measure of Economy is the Number of Miles That Can Be Squeezed From A Gallon Of Gasoline Or Diesel Fuel!

Just as a small amount of salt will change the flavor of food, a small amount of Gas Saver or Diesel Saver added to the fuel tank will increase the combustion ratio of the fuel causing a more complete burn at the spark on the power stroke. 

One four-ounce bottle of Gas Saver or Diesel Saver will treat up to 160 gallons of fuel or about 10 to 12 tanks for the average passenger vehicle and can save $40 or more due to increased mileage per gallon. The higher the price per gallon the more money you save with every trip to the pump.

We have been saving people money at the pump since 1987!

Gas Saver or Diesel Saver can give up to 100 extra miles for every tank of treated fuel. If your vehicle gets 25 miles per gallon you can save up to 4 gallons or more every time you fill up! The higher fuel prices go, the more money you save!

Gas Saver or Diesel Saver will Provide Immediate Results for your vehicle. Your Benefits Start With Mile One And Continue To Reward You With Regular Usage.

Your immediate results will be increased mileage per gallon, substantially reduced emissions, increased power, increased vehicle performance, a cleaner fuel system, and substantial fuel cost reductions.

Gas Saver and Diesel are very powerful COMMERCIAL GRADE mileage boosters and emission reduction formulas.

The gas additives and diesel additives you see in stores are retail grade products. Weak and inefficient. Their main function is to remove dirty deposits. 

Gas Saver, Diesel and Friction Terminator.
3 Super Concentrated Mileage Boosters!

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One gallon will treat up to 5,120 gallons of fuel.

Gas Saver
4-Ounce Bottle
$10.00 ea.

One four-ounce bottle of GAS SAVER will treat up to 160 gallons of gas and save 2 to 3 times the cost of the bottle due to increased mileage per gallon.

It’s Like Getting Free Gas!

Gary Varner, Master ASE Technician, Instructor at The Arizona Automobile Institute said:

I Believe That This Additive If Used By Federal, State, And Local Governments As Well As Companies with Large And Small Vehicle Fleets Would Save Large Sums Of Money In Fuel Costs And Drastically Reduce Emissions. In My Opinion, Smog Could Be Drastically Reduced At Literally No Cost To The User Because Of The Increased Mileage Per Gallon Benefits. Gary Varner (Signature On File)

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The NHRA presented GAS SAVER the Best New Product of the year at the Puerto Rico Classic Car Show on Saturday, June 29, 2008. The award was presented to Mr. Harry Negron by Mr. Antonio Garriga President and Founder of the Automobile History Museum of Puerto Rico.

Diesel Saver
4-Ounce Bottle
$10.00 ea.

High Performance Plus Diesel Saver is one the best diesel fuel additives available in todays marketplace.

Diesel Saver is formulated to increase mileage and performance and help to keep the engine clean.

It Will Increase Cetane, Reduce Emissions, Increase Mileage per Gallon, Boost Horsepower, Reduce Wear, It Prevents Corrosion. It Will Make your engine run better. Is Alcohol Free, And Many More benefits, But Most Important It Will Save You Money!

J.B.Henderson of Waste Management Of America Wrote: In Comparison To Other Comparable Products High Performance Plus Diesel Treatment Is Of Much Higher Quality. Overall, We Have Received A Much Higher Substantial Savings Using High Performance Plus Additives.

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Friction Terminator
1-Ounce Bottle
$10.00 ea.

Friction Terminator Oil Additive is a super concentrated Extreme Pressure Additive designed to reduce friction and wear which substantially increases equipment life. Friction Terminator EPA can be added to your motor oil at any time. It is so concentrated that one ounce will treat up to 5 quarts of oil and provide subperb protection to metal parts. Below is a picture of a case hardened timken steel bearing that was pressure tested in a falex pressure machine. The bearing was bathed in one ounce of a name brand synthetic oil and seized at 65 pounds of pressure causing severe scaring damage to the bearing.

After the procedure one drop of Friction Terminator was added to the oil. The bearing was repositioned and pressure was applied. The bearing seized at over 900 pounds of pressure with very limited damage to the bearing.

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