The testimonials on this page go back to the early 1990s to show some longevity in our products. We continue to get testimonials from satisfied users but we choose not to post them.
Although we are very happy to receive feedback from our customers, their comments probably would not convince you to try our products.
The only testimonial that will impress you is one for your own vehicle.

The Arizona Automobile Institute September 15,1997:
On September 3, 1997, I Took Part In A Demonstration Held At The Arizona Automobile Institute Which Was Not In Any Way Associated With Or Endorsing The Product Being Demonstrated. Arizona Automotive Institute Was Simply Being Used As A Facility For Testing. The Demonstration Was Presented By Mr. Michael Taylor And Mr. Frank Diamond.
The Demonstration Was To Validate That A Fuel Additive Would Reduce Auto Emissions By 80% And Improve Mileage By 20% Or More.
Two Vehicles Were Picked By the Institute To Be Tested. One Was A 1992 Ford Thunderbird, Computerized Fuel Injected. The Second Was A 1983 Chevrolet Full Size Blazer With No Computerized Controls In The Carburetor System.
Both Vehicles Were Mechanically Sound And Would Easily Pass Emissions By The Arizona State Standards. I Felt That Both Vehicles Would Put The Product To One Ultimate Test As Their Emissions Were About As Clean As They Could Possibly Be.
To My Surprise, After Disabling The AIR (Air Injection Reaction) Systems, Which Help Clean Up The Exhaust Even Further In The Catalytic Converter, The Product Worked As Advertised. Hydrocarbons (fuel pollutants called HCs) Went From 76 ppm (parts per million) To 2 ppm In The Ford.
The Chevrolet Went From 80 ppm To 7 ppm.
Both Vehicles Produced 0% Carbon Monoxide (COs),
I Believe That This Additive If Used By Federal, State, And Local Governments As Well As Companies With Large And Small Vehicle Fleets Would Save Large Sums Of Money In Fuel Costs And Drastically Reduce Emissions. In My Opinion, Smog Could Be Drastically Reduced At Literally No Cost To The User Because Of The Increased Mileage Per Gallon Benefits.
(Signature On File)
Gary Varner Master ASE Technician, Instructor

I tried your products in my 2000 Grand Caravan this last weekend. We went on a 1,000 mile trip over the 4th of July to Southwestern Colorado, seeing the sites. I normally get gas mileage of 19 to 20 miles per gallon in driving to Topeka KS, to see my son, who lives there. Now Kansas is flat land. In driving in Southwestern Colorado, it is mostly mountain driving, up and down grades, 5% to 7 %, switchbacks. I tracked my gas mileage and got 23 - 24 miles per gallon driving, with 4 adults in the van plus luggage and coolers. It also was hot daytime temperatures in the 90's. I couldn't believe the gas mileage, it did increase it by 20%. I think it is great and I will definitely use it again and again.

Thanks for the samples of fuel additive; I've been running it in my blazer, and my diesel truck for work. My wife drives the blazer mostly so only had a chance to test once. I noticed approx. 5 miles a gallon improvement on this 6 cylinder. But on my diesel I have ran it for at least 5 tanks on short and long trips, my mileage went from average of 16.8 to 22.8 consistent. We keep track really good of mileage, and these are accurate. My top mileage believe it or not was on a long trip (26 mpg average) I will run this additive in my vehicles. Thanks again!
General Contractor

My name is Cathy, and I would like to tell you how well your product worked for me. Two of my sisters and my best friend were taking a trip to Miami FL, for our yearly vacation get together. We decided to rent a minivan for the trip. My son knew we were trying to save as much money as possible on travel cost so that we would have more money on our trip to enjoy ourselves, so he convinced me to try this new additive that he loved so much. I agreed to try it out. I added the additive with a full tank of gas 4 adult women and all of our luggage. We drove from Plant City, FL to Miami, FL in about 4 hours and we only used ¾ of a tank of gas. I know that this may not seem so outstanding to most but normally we have to fill up the tank around Fort Myers, usually because our gas mileage isn't very good because of the weight of the vehicle. Instead of five fill ups that we normally have on our trip, it was reduced to three! Thank you for making this wonderful product.
Plant City, FL

To Whom It May Concern:
My name is Jasen, and I have had the privilege of trying the gas additive. I have tried many other products in the past to improve my gas mileage, but nothing has given me the results that I received yours. I own a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer, with a 16 gallon tank, that without any additives would get anywhere from 280 - 320 miles to a tank of gas. From the first time I used the gas additive I noticed an immediate improvement in power and mileage. With each treatment the improvements to my SUV were outstanding. I averaged 400 miles to a tank of gas, my engine was quieter and there was a big relief in my pocket. Instead of filling up almost three times a week I was only having to go to the gas station twice a week. This is an awesome product and I must say it has been a great benefit to me and my family.

To Whom It May Concern:
In regards to the oil and gas treatment that I purchased, it really was an asset to my Navigator. I just wanted to let you know my power and gas mileage improved at least 15%. My Lincoln also even rides smoother, and for some reason my engine is a little quieter. Thanks for allowing me to try it out on my truck.

American Red Cross Test Date August 11, 1992
Results: 22 Percent Increase In Mileage

Smurfet Recycling: Test Date August, 1992 Tested By Ron Para.
Results: MPG Increase 7.3 MPG to 9 MPG
Monthly Fuel Usage Before Test 2,500 Gallons.
Monthly Fuel Usage After Test 2,027 Gallons.

Waste Management Of America:
Test Date June, 1992
Tested By: J.B. Henderson
Product Tested: Diesel Stimulant
Results: 30% Increase In Fuel Economy.
JUNE 11,1993

I Have Been Using High Performance Plus Diesel Treatment On The Caterpillar Equipment That Includes 637D, 627E Dual Engine Scrapers, D8N D9N High Drive, 826C Compactors And Support Vehicles For Over A Year Now. We Are Using 30% Less Fuel And The Machines Are Running Smoother Than Before We Started Using High Performance Plus Diesel Treatment.
In Comparison To Other Comparable Products High Performance Plus Diesel Treatment Is Of Much Higher Quality. Overall, We Have Received A Much Higher Substantial Savings Using High Performance Plus Additives, Not Only In Thousands Of Dollars Being Saved, But In The Machinery Lasting Longer By Extending The Life Of The Fuel Systems And Less Engine Wear On The Above Stated Equipment.
I Am A Very Satisfied Customer Of High Performance Plus And Am Now Using High Performance Plus Oil Treatment. I Have Been A Steady Customer And Will Continue To Be So In The Future.
Signature on file
J.B. Henderson

Waste Management Of America
July 22, 1993
Gloria Martinez
High Performance Plus

Dear Gloria:
This letter is to inform you that I continue to be amazed at the qualities and abilities of your products. We recently purchased a new Caterpillar-826C with less than 50 hours on it. The hydraulics were extremely rough and had a terrible squeal. I contacted Caterpillar and was told to try some Slick 50. Since it would have taken about 10 gallons of the Slick 50 to treat 40 gallons of hydraulic fluid, I decided to use your E.P.A. Additive. I only used about 4 ounces of your oil additive in the 40 gallons of hydraulic fluid. With this small amount, the squealing stopped immediately and the rough handling smoothed out.
As I said, Iam impressed with your products. Your products are everything and more that can be claimed. I am using your products wherever I can on all of the machinery I maintain.
Signature on file
J.B. Henderson
Operations Manager/Butterfield Station Landfill

Will James Mobile Transport writes:
The Mileage On All Trucks Has Increased As Well As The Power And Performance. The Power Increase Really Shows On Hills.

Windjammer Transport October 1997
Our mileage increased from 5.76 to 9.61 on our initial test vehicle.

H S Ready Mix Test Date Sept., 1992
Tested By: Ben Cole
Product Tested: Diesel Stimulant
Monthly Fuel Usage Before Test: 12,000 Gallons
Results: 50% Mpg Increase 4 Mpg To 6 Mpg.