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Opportunity Seldom Knocks Often Or For Long.

If You Know Anyone Who Buys Gasoline Or Diesel Fuel, You Know Potential Customers.
Every Vehicle Owner In Your Area Can Save Money With High Performance Plus! Your Profit Potential Can Be Huge!

We Don't Make Gas, But We Do Make It Better!

We have three types of distributors.
1. Distributor: The customer orders from a unique web page, we process and ship the order and pay you a commission.

2. Stocking Distributor: You maintain a small inventory and sell directly to your customers.

3. Exclusive Distributor: Controls all products sold in their territory and supplies Stocking Distributors.

High Performance Plus products are extremely concentrated. A small four-ounce bottle will treat up to 160 gallons of gas. About 10 tanks of fuel. It will increase mileage, reduce emissions and save money at the pump! Depending on the state your customers  are in gas prices are between $3.00 to over $4.50 a gallon, the 4-ounce bottle can save over $48 to $70 in real money.

One gallon will treat about 5,000 gallons of fuel. It should save your customer about 500 gallons of fuel or more. One gallon of Gas Saver or Diesel Booster could save your customer thousands of dollars or more due to increased mileage per gallon.

High Performance Plus Fuel Boosters have proven to be the two the best pollution reducing products available in today's marketplace. All our fuel additives are "ZERO COST" PRODUCTS. "Zero Cost" means that based on the cost of gasoline or diesel fuel and the increase in mileage gained from treating each tank of fuel, your customers save much more money due to increased mileage than what they pay for the treatment.

As a Distributor of High Performance Plus products, you could provide business owners in your area a way to save hundreds to thousands of dollars in fuel every month. Every vehicle owner is a potential customer. The Higher gas goes, the more money they save!

Since our products are so concentrated storage is no problem.

As an Exclusive Distributor Your products will take less space than your washing machine.

This Is Not MLM! Our Distributors own and operate a business in their territory that has the potential to be very profitable. We do not make money from the establishment of the Distributorships. The High Performance Plus Stocking or Exclusive Distributor start-up plan simply provides you with enough product and supplies to establish a foothold, supply a few customers and, then, re-stock using profits from the initial investment.

As a Stocking or Exclusive Distributor, your objective should be to contact small, medium and large companies in your area. You will treat one or two of their vehicles with a free sample of High Performance Plus MPG Booster for gas or Diesel Booster and Friction Terminator engine treatment.

The treated vehicle should realize a substantial increase in mileage. From that point, it is a simple matter of calculating how much money your customer will save and quoting a price that saves them money.

Most people should buy within days of testing.

The Exclusive Distributor controls all MPG Booster, Diesel Booster and Friction Terminator sold in their area.

A Stocking Distributor must buy from the EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR in their area or if  there is no EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTOR in their area, from High Performance Plus.

If you are looking for a product to sell that everyone who drives can really use then this might be the opportunity you've been looking for.


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