increase gas mileage

Increase Gas Mileage

Saving Gas Money Since 1987

increase gas mileage

We increase gas mileage. We have been saving people money at the pump since 1987. Our MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER provide Immediate Results for your vehicle. Your Benefits Start With Mile One And Continue To Reward You With Regular Usage. Both MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER are super concentrated blends of hydrocarbons designed to increase the fuel's performance and reduce emissions.
Your Immediate Results will be increased gas mileage or increased diesel mileage, substantially reduced emissions, increased power,  increased vehicle performance, a cleaner fuel system, and substantial fuel cost reductions. The ultimate measure of economy is the number of miles that can be squeezed from a gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel. MPG BOOSTER and DIESEL BOOSTER can give up to 100 extra miles for every tank of treated fuel. THE HIGHER FUEL PRICES GO, THE MORE MONEY YOU SAVE!. MORE INFORMATION

increase gas mileage with mileage boosters

Friction Terminator Oil Treatment


The first picture is of a case hardened steel timken bearing that was bathed in one ounce of a name brand synthetic oil. The bearing was placed against a spinning wheel and pressure was applied. The bearing siezed at 60 pounds of pressure causing severe damage to the bearing.
The bearing was repositioned the wheel, and ONE Drop of Friction Terminator was added to the oil. Pressure was applied. The bearing siezed at over 900 pounds of pressure with only a small shine on the bearing.

Friction Terminator oil additive is an extremely concentrated "extreme pressure agent". Friction Terminator uses the oil as the delivering carrier to coat and treat the metal. HPP Friction Terminator can be used with any lubricating fluid including motor oil, transmission oil, gear oil, air conditioning oil, hydraulic oil, etc. When used in automotive applications it will increase horsepower, increase mileage, reduce wear and operating temperature. A basic rule of thumb for these types of agents is that if it is made of metal and moves, friction will be substantially reduced. When friction is reduced performance is increased. MORE INFORMATION

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